Linn appoint DNA Audio as a new dealer

We are delighted to announce DNA Audio been appointed as the Linn dealer for the area.

DNA Audio in Otley are now featuring some of the fabulous equipment from this iconic British Brand.

DNA Audio have a wide range of Linn products, including the Majik, Akurate and Klimax LP12 turntables. All are precision-engineered, hand-made record decks. They can be upgraded through a huge choice of products, all of which feature on our website at:

DNA Audio are also delighted to introduce the entire range of Linn Selekt DSM range of products. The brand new, award-winning Selekt provides a dedicated streaming source and amplification.

Selekt DSM

Selekt is a stunning, contemporary package, whether it’s a basic streamer and pre-amp, or with power amps and upgraded Katalyst DAC. It is packed with features, including motion-sensor, room optimisation and electronic ‘pins’ to get you straight to your favourite source, playlist or album. It sounds just as good as it looks – breath-taking. And as it is a single box solution, it is easy to live with and flexible.

The range also consists of electronic ‘separates’ which are stunning to look at and listen to.

Finally, the Linn speaker range provides the perfect accompaniment to your system.

DNA Audio has also been confirmed as an authorised dealer for any of your Linn repairs, services or upgrades.

So whether it is a new product demonstration, advice on upgrades or a product service, get in touch with DNA Audio, the UK’s newest Linn dealer

01942 850650