Naim Mu-so speaker stand now available from DNA Audio

The Naim Mu-so speaker stand is now in stock at DNA Audio.

They are hand built in Newcastle by Custom Designs and are available  in a variety of finishes. If you want to show off your Mu-so, these are just the thing.

They not only look fantastic, but will make the most of the sound of your Naim Mu-so too.

The feature a solid glass base, two imposing towers and a robust metal top plate to ensure maximum stability.

The twin column supports are available in 76mm diameter ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel, finishes include Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black, Mercury or White finish. Combined with the EN 12105-02 10mm clear glass or black glass base which provide a totally rigid, support for the Naim Muso speaker.

The Naim Muso support columns can be mass-loaded to enhance performance. The extended footprint provides total stability.

Naim Muso Speaker Support in Black supports with 10mm Black Glass Base.

Naim Muso Speaker Support in Brushed Chrome Supports with 10mm Clear Glass Base

Floor Protectors optional extra £19.99 set 4.
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