Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge from Ortofon
Ortofon Cartridges now available

Ortofon Cartridges are now available at DNA Audio, near Leeds.

Ortofon have been around for over 100 years. Indeed, the company was established in 1918. A wealth of experience goes into each one.

They are trusted by some of the best turntable manufacturers in the world.

These fantastic cartridges come in three product ranges – 2M, Quintet and Cadenza.

They all progress from Red to Blue, to Bronze, to the top of the range Black.

2M is a Moving-Magnet range. Quintet are moving coil, as are Cadenza.

You can find out more about each product by following this link:

You can find out the best cartridge for your turntable by following this link:

Each cartridge can have its stylus replaced too, so your initial investment can be something that lasts long-term.

They also make a range of transformers and head-shells.

We would also happy to give you guidance. If you want to know which cartridge is best for you just get in touch!

Ortofon sit alongside our other cartridges. These include products from Linn, Rega and Dynavector. We have a very strong offering of both moving magnet and moving coil options.

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