Titan 707 606 505 and Super 20A
Kudos Speakers at DNA Audio

Kudos speakers have been getting rave reviews over the past few years, so we thought we should give them a listen to at DNA Audio. In particular, their Titan range, all of which feature isobaric arrangements.

We have to say that we have been blown away by the Kudos Titan range…they really do something different. Their ability to reach down to the lower frequencies is startling, whilst maintaining grip and superb mid and high frequencies.

These speakers are hand-made in the UK – County Durham to be exact. They are one of the fastest growing brands in the UK and have garnered rave reviews recently.

Hand-Made in the UK with Isobaric arrangement

The isobaric setup means there is a separate cabinet for a second bass or second mid/ bass driver. This arrangement makes for an exceptional bass response.

Active-ready with superb aesthetics

Another feature of Kudos speakers is that they can be configured for an active system, as such they are ready to allow their internal crossover to be bypassed. This makes them a perfect partner for electronics from Linn, Naim Audio, Devialet and Exposure amongst others.      

Their design also sets Kudos speakers apart because they have sharp angles. They are modernist yet classic. There is also enormous attention to detail, which can be seen in the ‘Kudos’ brand milled into the speakers. As a retailer, we love the packaging that the speakers arrive in. Also, the custom-made Track Audio spikes and box are a touch of class…therefore if a company has gone to these lengths, you can be sure the same applies to their speaker construction.

We don’t take on new brands lightly at DNA Audio because each brand has to offer something different. They have to impress us greatly, which is what Kudos does, and that is why we’re delighted to have them on demonstration at DNA.

Get in touch to hear Titan 505, 606, 707 or 808. We also have their remarkable Special 20A speakers. Read more about the range here: https://kudosaudio.com/outstanding-product-for-kudos-titan-707-x-exposure-vxn-crossover/


You can find out more about the individual products here https://dnaaudio.co.uk/product_brand/kudos/