LP12 Karousel bearing
New LP12 Options including Linn Karousel bearing

Three LP12 announcements in one including Linn Karousel:

Firstly, ‘Karousel’, Linn’s new precision-engineered bearing, will elevate the performance of every LP12 ever made. The bearing kit includes the new bearing, inner platter and spindle, 3 x springs, 3 x large grommets, 3 x small grommets, 3 x washers, 3 locknuts and earthing wire.

The bearing is probably the most important component in your Sondek LP12 as it is the one component that brings together the platter, spindle, bearing and sub-chassis . The Linn logo itself is a reference to the bearing. The new bearing will reduce friction in the turntable. This means that reproduction will be even smoother, and lifespan elongated.



Get in touch with us to find out more about this development. We will have LP12s with and without the bearing so you can hear the difference yourself. We can also fit it for you, and service your LP12 whilst we are doing the upgrade if this is appropriate.

Secondly, high-gloss plinth finishes: All Sondek LP12 Plinths are now available in any high gloss RAL colour finish. For a more conservative look, all of Linn’s standard wood finishes are now available in high gloss, along with Piano Black and High Gloss White

Thirdly, for the ultimate in bespoke, customers can now monogram their LP12. Available for the Keel, choose up to 4 letters to be precision laser-etched onto the armboard.