Rega Aethos ready to demonstrate at DNA Audio
A powerful integrated amplifier from Rega
Rega Aethos Integrated Amplifier

DNA Audio is open again…with some exciting new products for sale

We have got a number of new products, so this is the first of a series of articles highlighting some of them.

We’ve been waiting for the new Rega integrated amp to arrive for some time, and it’s finally here, so here’s our mini review.

Aethos is a reference-level Rega amplifier, sitting above their current Elicit-R. It packs a punch, with power rated at 125W per channel. It does not have an onboard phono stage, since the turntables that it would usually be used with – Rega Planar 6 and above – would normally be fitted with Moving Coil cartridges. Nor does Aethos have an onboard digital-analogue converter (DAC)

Initially thoughts are that it has real visual impact and presence. It’s also a hefty beast, weighing in at over 17 kilos. The Solaris remote control also feels quality, as it should be on an expensive amp.

Powering up, it’s immediately obvious that this heft translates to the sound too. We’ve had ours running with Naim’s NDX2 streamer, Melco N100 and the amazing Planar 10/ Aria 3. It performs brilliantly with them all. When paired with the SCM 40 loudspeakers from ATC, it’s clear that Aethos has performance to spare. These aren’t the easiest speakers to drive, but the Aethos is more than capable.

We mixed up the music genres to, having gone from Lauryn Hill to Miles Davis via Daniel Avery. It handles them all brilliantly.

Aethos is available now to audition at DNA Audio. Due to Covid restrictions, we would ask you to call in advance to make an appointment.

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