Linn Majik DSM
New products now available at DNA Audio

We’re delighted to announce a number of new products, all of which are available to hear at our showroom in Otley.


The Melco brand stands for excellence in storage and streaming. The company makes a range of high quality music libraries to which you can rip, store and play your CDs.

All Melco products also act as conditioners to reduce the noise inherent in your home network. So, by placing one of their music libraries in your system will instantly improve the sound of your streamer or DAC.

They also use fantastic metadata to ensure that storage is an intuitive experience.

We have available to demonstrate the following Melco products:

N100 Music server

D100 CD loader

N1Z Music Server

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Melco N1Z Music Library

S100 Data Switch

Rega Aethos

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Rega Aethos Integrated Amplifier

The mighty new integrated amplifier from Rega has landed! We have ours with our P8 and P10, it sounds fantastic through any speakers. With 125W per channel it is a hugely capable amp.

Rega Elicit-R

The baby brother to the Aethos is Elicit-R, which we now have ready to audition. It’s a great amp that provides anyone interested in Elex-R with a bit more grunt.

Rega Aria

The new, 3rd generation Rega Aria is now available too. With a phono stage for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges, it is a truly flexible piece of kit. The majority of the technology supports moving coil, so if this is your cartridge type, we’d recommend giving the Aria a listen.

Rega Io

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The Rega range of Integrated Amplifiers, Including Rega Io

The baby of the bunch, Rega Io is a fantastic starter amp featuring a built-in phono stage. Sounds great, and is fantastic value for money, too.

Linn Majik DSM

The brand-new Linn Majik DSM Integrated amplifier, DAC and streamer

Creating quite a stir when it was announced, the new Majik DSM will be arriving at DNA in August. We’re expecting big things…we were huge fans of the outgoing Majik DSM, and think the new one looks amazing

Technics SL1200G

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The Audiophile Technics SL1200G

The audiophile SL1200 G arrived recently, and we’ve sold one already! It is a handsome turntable built to incredibly high standards as you’d expect. We have fitted ours with an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge, suffice it to say, it sounds fantastic.

Neat Ministra/ Ekstra

Both the bookshelf Ministra and floor-standing Ekstra are beautifully built speakers from Neat Acoustics that feature Isobaric drivers hidden in their cabinets. “Thinking inside the box”, as Neat put it. They sound fantastic, with an ability to reach down into the frequency range whilst maintain poised treble and mids.


Just wow. We fell in love with these ATCs when we first heard them, two years ago. We are now delighted to have our own pair here at DNA. We can audition them in either passive or active states. They  deserve a listen!


Anyone who knows us well knows how much we love ATC speakers, especially their active ones. The electronics that go into their active speakers is also shared across a number of other items. We now have the CDA2 in stock. It is a pre-amplifer/ CD combination. Just add active speakers for a great,

one box system!

English Electric 8 Switch

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English Electric 8 Switch

The name has been recently relaunched by Chord Company. The product is an 8 port gigabit streaming switch that is designed to reduce noise and interference in streaming signals. A lovely looking thing, built to last and designed to improve your streaming experience.

Quadraspire QPLus

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Quadraspire isolation feet

We now have a full complement of Qplus, including the Qplus Reference. There are three levels of these hand-made isolation feet, all designed to mimic the performance of Quadraspire equipment stands. So, if your HiFi equipment is on a normal piece of furniture, borrow some of these from us to hear the difference!

If you would like to hear any of these products please get in touch, and we’ll book you a socially-distanced private appointment