Michael Kiwanukas award winning album on our Naim system
Kiwanuka Naim ATC Active

Well done Michael Kiwanuka for his Mercury prize this week. We’ve been playing ‘Kiwanuka’ on an active Naim/ ATC system, and it sounds absolutely sublime.

The system comprises Naim electronics – NAC252, Supercap, NDX2, XPS DR, all going through our active ATC SCM40As. Looking and sounding absolutely stunning.

An active system amplifies the signal after it has been through the cross-over. This allows the cross-over in the loudspeakers to concentrate only on filtering, without being weighed down by an amplified signal. The result is music as it should be heard – tight bass, fantastic control and great timing.

We tend to put a Naim XPS DR on the end of our NDX2 streamer as it elevates the sound to another level completely. This, and the superb NAC 252/ Supercap Pre-Amplifier and power supply combination really does justice to Kiwanuka’s award-winning long player.