New Klimax DSM at DNA Audio

We are delighted to be a stockist for the brand new next generation Klimax DSM featuring Organik DAC. It has been redesigned from the ground up and features not only a brand new in house 5th generation DAC (Organik) but also now featured 3 analogue inputs. This now makes it much more versatile than the outgoing model.

The main design philosophy of the Klimax DSM remains unchanged, It is still house in a substantial milled from solid enclosure to isolate the electronics from unwanted vibration. In the latest version this is split further to fully isolate the analogue and digital sections by a large internal dividing slab of aluminium,. The lid has a nice design touch of featuring 512 concentric rings milled into the top surface to replicate the look of a vinyl record, a nod towards the LP12 where this all started.

The proof of the pudding however is in the lisening, we urge anyone who is a Klimax DS or DSM customer to get in touch and book a demonstration. We are sure you will be delighted by what you hear.

We can offer a generous trade in for your existing Linn DS or DSM against any variant of the new product. There are three variants of the new DSM. The Klimax System hub is for use with Linn Exakt enabled speakers such as Klimax 350A of Akubarik/Akudoriks. It has all of the analogue and digital inputs but no analogue outputs The AV version is the most fully featured with analogue outputs/inputs and also HDMI switching. The 2 channel stereo version doesn’t have the HDMI switching.