Naim Solstice Special Edition

We are delighted to announce that Naim have just launched Sotstice, the first turntable in their 48 year history. The Naim Solstice is not just a turntable, it is a full turntable system. It comprises of the turntable itself, the Aro 2 tonearm, NVC TT phono stage, NPX TT power supply, Equinox cartridge and an accessory kit.

For those of you out there running an fully Naimed up LP12 this may just be the moment you have been waiting for. This package is limited to 500 units worldwide out of which only a smallish proportion will be destined for the UK. DNA audio are delighted to be a partner with Naim on this product

The NPX TT and NVC TT power supply and phono stage come in a striking new case design. The NPX TT power supply powers the deck and the phono stage using the usual DIN and Burndy connections. The NVC TT phono stage is a brand new design taking technology from both the Superline and the Statement amplifier. It is fully adjustable to suit any load.

It has been designed over the last few years by none other than Roy George. Roy is an Audio industry legend having been responsible for many of the Naim products we know and love. Roy has been working in conjunction with Clearaudio who are the manufacturing partner for the deck. If the pictures we have seen are anything to go by the build quality of this deck is stunning.

The Naim Soltice is already in production, we should be getting our own demonstration unit in the first couple of weeks of July so get in touch with us if you would like to book in to hear it.