Fyne Audio now available from DNA Audio Otley.

We are delighted to announce that we are now a Fyne Audio retailer. Our demo stock is on order and should start coming through the door in the coming weeks. We expect that the F500 and F500SP series will be the first ranges to arrive but these will be followed by the F700 series.

Fyne are a rapidly expanding new brand with obvious links back to the Tannoy brand. I grew up with vintage Tannoy loudspeakers as a constant feature in our living room so I am delighted that we will soon have a range of dual concentric designs at DNA. Dual concentric designs offer excellent imaging that is difficult to replicate using an array of drivers.

Their designs use a range of proprietary technologies such as IsoFlare, Basstrax and Fyneflute.

Expect images on our social channels as the new demo stock arrives.

Some of the larger models in the F700 range are high sensitivity designs suitable for quite low power amplification. The 704 boasts a 12″ dual concentric driver as well as an additional 12″ bass driver. This gives it a sensitivity of 96db! We cannot wait to get our hands on a pair to put them through their paces.