Chord Company Powerhaus S6 and M6 mains blocks

We were delighted to try out the new Powerhaus S6 and M6 mains blocks from Chord Company this week.

We tried them out using a Naim system comprising of an NDX2, NAC252, Supercap DR and NAP300DR. This system was driving a pair of Neat motive SX1 loudspeakers.

We have tried other mains blocks before which were OK but not really any better than our own custom built units in the shop so we approached the exercise from a purely performance perspective. If the sound improvement justifies the cost then and only then will we take them on. This depends on the system that the block is to be used in. It wouldn’t be expected that this kind or product would be used on an entry level system

We started off with the S6 block with the standard mains lead. We wanted to make sure that the improvements can be obtained with the standard cables supplied rather than relying on adding another big chunk of money for a suitable cable.

Right from the off the S6 offered a sufficient advantage over our block to justify its place in the shop. It worked well with the Naim system without losing any of what makes the Naim sound. IT simply added to the system performance.

We then moved onto the M6. Where the S6 was a solid improvement over our existing solution the M6 was a substantial improvement over the S6. Everything improved, attack, dynamics, low level detail. It does it all. This was also with the stock cable supplied .

Chord have really hit the mark with the S6 and M6 mains blocks. The long wait was really worth it. A solution that really works with Naim that I can 100% get behind. It just shows very occasionally you can have your cake and eat it.