Chord Qutest range offer

For a limited time we will be offering every buyer a free Qutest stand with their Chord Qutest purchase. One level of Qutest racking free with any Anni amplifier, Qutest DAC or Huei Phono stage. This offer does not apply to Ex-demonstration items.

If you are looking for a compact high performance DAC, Phono stage or Headphone amplifier then the Qutest range from Chord is an excellent place to start. There are 3 components as follows.

Qutest DAC. This multi-award winning DAC is a great way of improving the performance of a CD player, music from a PC or streaming device.

Huei Phono stage. A fully configurable phono stage for your MM or MC cartridge. Easy to use and sounds great and also features single ended and balanced outputs.

Anni integrated amp/headphone amplifier. The Anni is a fully analogue integrated amp with 2 line level inputs. It can drive a pair of small desktop speakers or a pair of headphones.

The Qutest also has an optional stand available which allows the units to be stacked like in the picture above.