Naim Audio New Classic 200 Series

We are delighted to be a stockist for the ne Naim Audio Classic Series. This series replaces the existing classic series which has been in production in one form or another for the past 20 years.

New Classic takes it’s design Queues from the Solstice turntable package. It offers a clean new look for the range that really moves the appearance of the product forwards. We think it looks pretty stunning.

Naim have launched new Classic with 3 new products. These are as follows.

Naim NSC 222: The 222 is effectively the new replacement for the 272. It combines a high performance all analogue Pre-amplifier with a high performance streamer. Connection options have been fully updated with most analogue connections now being either RCA or XLR. The NSC 222 is upgradeable by adding the NPX 300 power supply. The NSC 222 features a brand new volume control which borrows technology developed from the Statement pre-amplifier. It also features a new high performance headphone amplifier capable of driving high headphones without the need for an additional dedicated amplifier

The pictures of the internals of the 222 don’t really do justice to how much has been packed into the case. It offers great performance and value for money and with the NPX300 truly stunning performance.

Naim NPX 300: The NPX 300 is a brand new upgrade power supply. IT used 8 of the DR power supply modules. The DR modules are split into 2 banks positioned along the rear and left hand side of the chassis. This separates the modules into Digital and Analogue banks for the best possible performance. The NPX 300 can be used with existing Naim kit such as the NDX2 with a suitable burndy cable.

Naim NAP 250: The brand new NAIM 250 may look a little similar inside on first glance but up close very little has stayed the same other than the general layout of the PSU within the case. The new Classic 250 now boasts 100WPC and the ability to drive loudspeakers better than ever before. The inside of the 250 is crammed, again the pictures do not really show just how much the design team have managed to cram in.

We recently visited Naim HQ to get a feel for the thinking behind the new range and to hear it in the Naim demo room. Naim were using the system to drive the Focal Scala Utopia loudspeakers. These are a substantial loudspeaker to drive but the system really took it in it’s stride exerting real grip on them.

If you are interested in trying out the New Naim Classic then please get in touch to arrange a demonstration.