Burmester on demonstration at DNA Audio

We are delighted that our first demo stock has arrived in Otley. The first pieces to arrive are the 088 pre-amplifier, 956 Mk2 power amplifier and 101 Integrated amplifier. The next will be the brand new 216 power amplifier.

The 101 and the 956 Mk2 are part of the Burmester Classic range series of components. The 088 and 216 are from the next range up which is called Top Line pictured below.

There are confusingly two further ranges above the Top Line Range called Reference Line and Signature Line. All of the Burmester products are beautifully constructed and offer a very natural presentation with lots of detail but also warmth. We tried them in store with the Kudos 808s and the system sounded stunning.

If you would like to hear any of the Burmester products please get in touch to arrange a demonstration. More products will be arriving over the coming months.

Burmester don’t just make home audio, they also supply the premium in car solutions for some of the most prestigious car brands. These include Porsche, Mrecedes Benz and Ferrari. See pictures below.

Mercedes Benz Front door