Tannoy Prestige and Legacy series products

We are thrilled to have been appointed as a Tannoy Prestige retailer for Yorkshire and the Humber region. It will be no surprise to those who know me that I’m a big Tannoy Enthusiast largely due to My Dad’s passion for the Brand.

Tannoy are one of the oldest British Audio Brands, they will celebrate their Centenary in 2026 and after having been a little dormant in the UK market for the last few years have just launched their first new product in 7 years. This product is called the Stirling III LZ.

The brand new III LZ special edition loudspeaker is a prime example of a Classic Tannoy product. A beautifully crafted enclosure made from Walnut veneered plywood with solid Walnut features and a single 10″ Dual Concentric driver. They offer a big dynamic room filling presentation even when driven by a modest amplifier. In our 7 x 6 meter pitched roof demo room they fill this space with ease with just 25 Watts per channel. We can’t wait to try them with the New Nait 50 amp when it comes in.

Stirling GR

The Tannoy Prestige range starts with the Diminutive little Autograph Mini which features a single 4″ dual concentric driver. The Stirling GR featured above is the first floor standing model. The range continues up with 4 different models all featuring a single 10″ driver, the top model is the Kensington shown below.

The models which made the Tannoy brand Famous from the 50s onwards were those which featured the Classic Montor Silver, Red, Gold and HPD 12 and 15″ drive units. These drivers fetch incredible prices despite their age and a really sought after by the Tannoy community. Whether new or old a Tannoy purchase is a long term investment, beautifully crafted products made to last generations just like the originals.

Tannoy still make the larger driver models but in small quantities due to their size. The Canterbury GR and Westminster GR both feature 15″ drive units and very high sensitivity. If you would like to hear any of the Tannoy range please get in touch with us to book a demonstration.