DNA & Naim Audio Anniversary event. Nait 50 and New Classic 200 & 300 demonstrations.

On Saturday 9th September we are celebrating our 5th year in business and Naims 50th Anniversary making some of the worlds best Hi-Fi systems by having an event to showcase all the products unveiled in their 50th year.

Jason Gould and Chris Keeling will be on hand to explain what the future of Naim looks and sounds like with some structured demonstrations of the new kit.

The wonderful new limited edition Nait 50 will be playing in the smaller two of our demo rooms to give you a taste of what the modern take on a true classic product sounds like.

In the bigger room we will have two sessions running in which Jason will take us on a journey through the new classic range from 222/250 to the new 333/332/NPX300/NAP350 system. The outgoing Classic series was in service for over 20 years so a new Classic range is an exciting prospect. We are particularly excited about the return to the classic monoblock power amplifier format with the new NAP350. These power amplifiers are not going to disappoint.

These sessions are starting at 10.30 and 1pm.

Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout the day. Spaces in the structured sessions are limited so please email us to book a place in one if you would like to attend. No booking is needed for the Nait room.