ATC CA2 stereo pre-amplifier (optional phono stage).

ATC CA2 line level pre-amplifier.


What we Say:


The ATC CA2 is one of two pre-amps in the ATC range. The CA2 features 5 line level inputs and the option of a phono input. Both balanced and single ended outputs are available.


Moving from an Integrated amplifier to a separate Pre and Power amplifier give big performance advantages. The delicate incoming signal no longer has to live in the same space as the large power supply. The quieter environment preserves the integrity of the incoming signal.

Upgrade path:

The next model up from the ATC CA2 is the SCA2. All ATC products are hand made in their facility in Stroud.

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What they say:

CA2 – Stereo Pre-Amplifier


  • Hand built in the UK.
  • Ultra-low noise discrete design.
  • 5 line inputs via RCA/phono.
  • XLR and RCA/phono main outputs.
  • Additional Sub, Tape and Headphone outputs.
  • 1 x RIAA phono input via RCA (MM/MC configurable)
  • 6 year warranty

“…if you want to hear the important musical detail presented in a coherent, clear-cut fashion this pairing has remarkably little competition in the two box arena. There are a few integrated amps which give them a run for their money in one respect or another but nothing comes to mind which seems like a better overall package.”  Jason Kennedy Hi Fi+ No75.

Input Sensitivity: 300mV (line inputs 1V Out)
Input Impedance: 12k ohms
Frequency Response: DC – >200kHz
THD+N: >110dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 90x445x330mm
Weight: 7kg / 15.4lbs