Burmester 101 integrated amplifier

Burmester 101 integrated amplifier.

What we Say:

The Burmester 101 integrated amplifier is the first model in their amp range. It sits in the Classic series of Hi-Fi components. The 101 is beautifully built, simple and elegant to use and sounds great. It is normally paired with the 102 CD player or but could be used with any high performance source and loudspeakers.

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What they say:



For Classic Line

The 101 Integrated Amplifier exemplifies the perfect combination of efficient power amplification with an analog power supply. Its remarkable power reserves provide the warm and balanced sound that Burmester is famous for.


Integrated Amplifier

The 101 Integrated Amplifier is the latest integrated amp in Burmester’s portfolio. It is a sterling example for the perfect combination of efficient Class D power amplification with an analog power supply. With its available power reserves this compact component provides the warm and well-balanced sound that says unmistakably Burmester. The switchable „Smooth“ function guarantees a smooth, yet detailed sound even at low playback levels. The addition of balanced preamp outputs open the door to using the 101 as pure preamplifier by adding separate power amplifiers at a later date.


With attention to detail.

Recognisable as a typical Burmester even from the very first glance, the 101 integrated amplifier makes use of characteristic design elements of the Classic Line.



The elegant and simple chromed front panel is augmented by a row of glossy polished buttons for input selection. A striking design element is the solid turn knob for volume control. Sound-wise and stylistically the 101 integrated Amplifier is the ideal partner for the 102c CD player.



Burmester is famous for excellent amplifier technology. That was reason enough for the Burmester development team to accept the challenge of developing its own solution for Class D amplification. This proprietary Class D module is carefully assembled by hand in their Berlin factory and integrated with the other sub-assemblies.


Weight 13 kg (28.7 lbs)
Width 482 mm (19“)
Height 96 mm (3.8“)
Depth 365 mm (14.4“)
Inputs 3 XLR / 2 RCA
Pre-Out balanced
Headphone jack 6.3 mm
Surround Thruput yes
Remote controlled yes
BurLink yes
Tone control
(can be bypassed)