Chord Company Bridge upgrade for Naim

Chord Company Bridge Upgrade Accessory.


What we Say:

The Chord Company Bridge is an upgraded shorting plug for Naim burndy equipped products. It will fit NDX and NDX2 and is a neat upgrade if you don’t plan to add an XPS or 555PS.

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What they say:

Chord Company Bridge

Enjoy enhanced audio streamer performance (incl. Naim Audio) without an external power supply.

Added protection from HF noise on the signal ground. Even small quantities of this noise can have a significant impact on a system’s musical performance.

The Chord Company Bridge is hand built in UK and upgrades the lightweight, unshielded shorting plug supplied with audio streaming equipment, offering a no-compromise, noise-reduced connection. It features a machined heavy-gauge aluminium case for both acoustic and electrical isolation. The Taylon® insulated wiring and resin-dampened internal assembly further increase this isolation.

Prototype testing with a few Naim NDX owners generated enthusiastic requests for Bridge units for use in their own systems. Only too happy to oblige, we commissioned a limited run of cases and hand assembled each unit. We can supply these while our case stocks last!