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Chord Company PowerARAY is the latest addition to our range of next-generation noise reduction/absorption devices. Akin to the popular GroundARAY units, the PowerARAY can be connected to unused mains power sockets (wall or distribution block) adjacent to those used to power your hi-fi equipment. The PowerARAY provides a low-impedance escape route for HF noise, reducing the amount entering a hi-fi system, lowering the noise floor and leaving more space for the music.

Demo units are available in UK, EURO and US variants from participating Chord Company retailers.

Product history

Very high-frequency noise is all around us. Unfortunately, this noise can harm the performance of audio and video equipment.

The mains feed into most domestic listening rooms is at the end of a very long line of power delivery cables. Not only that, once the power arrives at your home it is then routed to your audio system/s and all the other domestic electrical goods, providing another opportunity for your mains to pick up unwanted HF noise. These power delivery cables are unshielded and highly susceptible to picking up noise on the earth, live and neutral.

The idea behind the PowerARAY is to reduce high-frequency noise as much as possible and provide a consistent and worthwhile improvement to the mains supply just before entering your hi-fi system. The best place to locate a PowerARAY is in a spare wall socket or a distribution block, adjacent to the power cabling of your audio system.

The Chord Company PowerARAY operates in parallel to the power, so no current flows through it. This parallel filtering is applied to the live, neutral and earth and has been optimised to reduce as much high-frequency noise as possible. We do not use series filtering as this may affect the impedance and power delivery to your system.

Any high-frequency noise that is created internally by your hi-fi system can be further reduced or eliminated with the use of our GroundARAY range. Contact your usual Chord Company retailer for more info or a demonstration.


Simply connect the PowerARAY, have a listen to a piece of music and judge for yourself.

Safety advice

PowerARAY technology is unfortunately slightly microphonic so to combat this we have filled the entire cavity of the enclosure with a hard-set resin. In case of any malfunction please do not try to open the PowerARAY as this may damage the unit, invalidate your warranty and possibly compromise your safety.


What we Say:

The Chord Company Power Aray is simple and easy to use. Plug it in adjacent to any piece of audio equipment and reap the benefits of a lower noise floor. This will work even if you have a dedicated mains installation. Why not borrow one and try it in your system.

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Chord Company Power Aray