Chord Electronics Anni integrated amplifier

Chord Electronics Anni integrated amplifier.

What we Say:

The Chord Electronics Anni is their brand new integrated amplifier in the Qutest range It is a great sounding, compact integrated amp. It has two line level inputs which are switchable via the volume knob. It has connections for both loudspeakers and headphones. Loudspeakers are disconnected if headphones are plugged in. The amplifier delivers 25 WPC so can drive a pair of loudspeaker. It is the perfect solution where high quality and compact size are both important.

The Chord Electronics Anni is one of three components in the Qutest range. The form factor is very compact but the products feel substantial due to their clamshell aluminium casework. The units have a beautiful solid feel that exudes quality. This new design is the smallest model in the Chord Electronics range to feature the new feed-forward amplifier topology from the Ultima series. This gives it an ultra clear uncoloured sound.

Tha new Anni comes with connector cables that enable it to power the Huei and Qutest DAC. This means all three units can be powered from one mains cable.

A matching stand is also available for the Qutest range allowing the three units to be stacked.

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The Qutest DAC  and Huei phono stage are the other products in the Qutest range.

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What they say:

Anni is a desktop integrated amplifier that introduces our next-generation ULTIMA technology to both headphones and compact loudspeakers.

Anni is our first-ever desktop integrated amplifier. Capable of driving both headphones and compact loudspeakers, Anni benefits from the company’s proprietary ULTIMA circuit topology and is perfectly positioned to exploit the full potential of today’s high-performance headphones, desktop monitors and high-resolution audio sources.

The new Anni desktop integrated amplifier forms part of the Qutest range and seamlessly complements the resolving abilities of the multi-award-winning Qutest standalone DAC and Huei phono stage. As a system, the Qutest components provide an unrivalled desktop audio solution, offering class-leading digital and analogue technologies for the modern music lover. The company’s compact QSS (Qutest Stand System) modular equipment rack provides the perfect support, too.

Anni offers the recently announced dual-feed-forward error-correction circuit topology whether using headphones or compact loudspeakers. Anni’s advanced technology allows it to drive any headphone load, error-monitored and compensated amplification at all times.

Benefitting from both 3.5 mm headphone outputs and ¼-inch (6.35 mm) outputs, so two can listen simultaneously, plus 4 mm banana-type loudspeaker outputs, Anni delivers 10 watts of quality ULTIMA amplification, controlled by a fascia-mounted volume control that also doubles as an input selector switch for Anni’s two line-level inputs. A two-stage gain control for loudspeakers provides additional flexibility with a wide range of desktop monitors.