Chord Company Signature X power cable

Chord Company Signature X power cable


What we Say:

The Chord Company Signature X power cable is a true high end cable. The Chord Signature sits between the Epic And Sarum T ranges.


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SignatureX Power cable

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What they say:

Chord Company Signature X Power cable

Signature X Power cable is designed, hand built and tested in the UK and benefits from the latest XLPE insulation as found in many of our speaker cables. This provides a consistently high-quality performance in any environment and across all audio/video applications.

Alongside the unique Chord Company ARAY geometry this upgraded mains cable features significantly heavier-gauge conductors meaning less resistance and greater efficiency.

The IEC and outlet connectors (including those of our own design) are specified with silver-plated external and internal contacts for maximum performance.

The common domestic environment is full of HF noise generated by multiple sources such as mobile phones, wi-fi, bluetooth etc. SignatureX Power comes equipped with a foil and high-density braid screen designed to keep as much of this interference away from audio and video signals.

SignatureX Power is the perfect complement to the multi-award-winning Signature range of high-end analogue and digital cables. A long-standing audiophile favourite and an intrinsic part of Chord Company lore.

Standard lengths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m & 3m. Custom lengths and terminations (incl Australian or USA mains plugs) are available to order.