Cyrus ONE Bundle

Cyrus one and One-linear amplifier and speaker bundle.

What we Say:

The Cyrus One bundle pairs the Cyrus ONE with ONE Linear speakers for a winning combination. Just add a source, or use the build-in Bluetooth connectivity and you’ll have a system that will please your pocket as well as your ears. A fantastic one-stop solution at an incredible price. This is more than just a random pairing; the ONE linear speakers have been designed specifically with the ONE integrated amplifier/ streamer in mind.

The Cyrus One bundle serves as your main system, a secondary system or part of your AV set up; it’s remarkable value for money and we’re delighted to be offering it at DNA Audio.

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What they say:

The concept for the ONE streaming bundle is to provide everything you need to build an incredible streaming audio system at an outrageous price. Simply stunning fidelity and power underpins the performance of the Cyrus ONE. The ONElinear speakers have been designed to make the best possible use of this power and deliver a whole which to again quote Hi-Fi Choice, “Borders on the heroic”.


The reason? Well, for a loudspeaker designer to be able to optimise a design for a specific amplifier is a rare situation. In our case, the ONElinear was designed to be a good loudspeaker with all amplifiers, but a ‘great’ one with the unique class D topology used in our Cyrus ONE, Lyric and Stereo 200 models. Capable of handling the significant transient response possible with the Cyrus ONE, especially at bass frequencies, the ONElinear transforms into a performer which would shame much more expensive models.


The ONElinear loudspeakers, although excellent as stand-alone speakers, are fully matched for use specifically with these ONE series amplifiers. Capable of drawing every last detail and nuance from the amplifiers, they will deliver a performance which belies their small size.

Supplied as a hi-fi starter kit, this package includes audiophile-grade loudspeaker cable. One again, matched specifically for this amplifier / speaker combination, the cable uses an Aluminium core, with ‘oxygen-free’ copper skin. Detail is enhanced, as is control over the lower frequencies.


Connect up your TV, CD player, or turntable to the amplifier and you have a complete hi-fi system from one of the leading names in high-quality British audio.