Cyrus Power-XR power amplifier

Cyrus Power-XR stereo power amplifier.


What we Say:

The Brand new Cyrus Power-XR is on demonstration at DNA Audio.

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What they say:


The Power-XR is the latest stereo power amplifier from Cyrus. With ground-up engineering inside, the wideband high current power amplifier is capable of driving even the most challenging of loudspeakers with relative ease. There’s no shortage of innovation and upgrades under the skin. XR series products are the manifestation of over a decade’s accumulated technology and development knowledge. With particular attention to the detail of every component that lays in the audio path, XR takes Cyrus audio performance to another level.

Power amplifier

The wideband power amplifier of the Power-XR responds from D.C. to beyond 100kHz ensuring ruler flat frequency response and keeping any undesirable phase shifts out of the audio band. With a generous, over-specified power supply the Power-XR power amplifier is very capable of reproducing the scale and drama of the musical performance.

High Capacity Power Supply

Using our largest toroidal power transformer, a massive 408VA of power is delivered to the high capacity internal power supply.


The Power-XR includes a port for the new PSU-XR power supply. The PSU-XR raises the bar by sourcing no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box. For the Power-XR a pair of these are assigned to provide ultra-smooth power for the voltage amplifier, and a second pair to provide a huge dynamic boost for the power amplifier.