Cyrus PSX-R2 external upgraded power supply

Cyrus PSX-R2



What we Say:

Cyrus’ PSX-R2 is a powerful way of upgrading your existing Cyrus system. It is a stand alone power supply which supplies clean power to your Cyrus product. Housing your power supply in an external box has a large impact on sound quality, the PSX-R2 will improve the performance of a wide range of Cyrus products from CD players to Pre and power amplifiers. Come in and hear it for yourself.

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What they say:

This intelligent, highly regulated audiophile power supply can be connected to the vast majority of Cyrus products. By providing an extremely smooth and stable DC feed, the PSX-R helps the partnered component to achieve its the full potential. This is one of our most popular upgrades and is highly recommended.

The PSX-R provides new depth and detail to the sound output of most Cyrus products by separating the processes from the machine. Low noise high gain amplifiers connected in a propriety design filter out any unwanted noise and provide remarkable benefits in sound quality. These improvements in sound quality are sure to make any audiophile smile.

A stable, strong and separated power supply can provide huge sound quality benefits for a hi-fi system.

By powering part of the workings of a Cyrus unit, the PSX-R lessens the strain on its internal power supply. This separation of power makes the unit work more efficiently and creates a stronger and more detailed sound.

A fully regulated 300W DC power supply, the PSX-R uses intelligent connectivity which automatically adjusts its output parameters to suit the partnering Cyrus component.

Connection to a partnering Cyrus unit is made through a high-quality XLR cable. In all instances, this audiophile power supply can be added to the system without any changes to the existing components.

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