Cyrus Stream Xa


What we Say:

An award-winning streamer, Xa set the gold standard when it was released and continues to dazzle. Housed in the classic Cyrus compact design, Cyrus Stream Xa is a versatile and powerful performer, which is capable of capturing the greatest of detail in streamed music.

If required, Xa can be upgraded with an external DAC or power supply, so you can tailor your listening experience further over time.

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What they say:

Streaming services such as Tidal provide a convenient way of accessing vast catalogues of superb quality recordings. Far from being just for listening on the go through your mobile phone, these streaming services are more than good enough to be considered audiophile sources. They are now leading the way in delivering the next generation of audio experiences.

The Stream Xa serves two functions, that of translating the multitude of file formats into the purest possible form of digital audio, Linear PCM. As part of this translation, it retimes that data to all but eliminate ‘jitter’ and temporal distortion. The second function is the conversion of that digital data into analogue form, so that it can be passed directly to a traditional amplifier system. With both digital and analogue output options as well as built in wi-fi and ethernet connectivity options, and asynchronous USB input, the Stream Xa is our most versatile streaming solution.

The circuit of the Stream Xa has been designed in 2 discrete sections, allowing the product to be upgradeable through the addition of our separate power supply (the PSX R2). This addition completely isolates the DAC section of the product, improving timing and eliminating any intermodulation which can impact the delicate analogue signals output. Whilst not necessary for outstanding performance, this addition is a valuable upgrade for the serious audiophile.

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