Cyrus X Power stereo power amplifier.

Cyrus X power stereo power amplifier.


What we Say:

X Power is Cyrus’ separate power amplifier capable of switching between 100W stereo and 181W mono. It comes with an oversized power supply, and as such offers dynamism and heft regardless of the source. As is normal with Cyrus, and upgrade path can be found with the addition of the separate PSX-R supply.

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What they say:

Beneath the understated exterior of the X Power lies a powerful, passionate heart of pure soul. Capable of reproducing a huge dynamic range, the X Power delivers pin-point precision and dimension-defying power with aplomb.

Used with one of our own pre-amplifiers, the X Power makes a great first step on the separate pre-amplifier / power amplifier path.

As the X power can operate in mono or stereo mode, when you want a bit more from your system, you can purchase a second X-power and switch both to mono mode, each delivering up to 181 watts of power.


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