Esoteric Grandioso C1X Solo Pre-amplifier

Linestage Preamplifier

Grandioso C1X solo

All instruments start to breathe naturally
and dynamically on a inky black background of silence.
A gem of preamplifier created by the wisdom of Esoteric

Grandioso C1X solo
Grandioso C1X solo


The most important role of the preamplifier is to act as the command center of the audio system, drawing out the performance of each device that makes up the system to the highest level, and providing the listener with an exceptional listening experience that makes them forget the existence of audio system.

The C1X is the flagship model of Esoteric’s preamplifiers. It bears the proud Esoteric trademark “Grandioso”. The Grandioso C1X is a reference standard for the next generation, featuring a carefully designed dual balanced circuit, a complete dual mono configuration, a powerful buffer amplifier and power supply circuit to drive the power amplifiers, and ES-Link Analog current transmission that challenges the limits of fidelity. It is a flagship preamplifier that incorporates all of Esoteric’s wisdom and numerous technological innovations.

The Grandioso C1X “solo” edition is housed in an integrated chassis without changing the internal circuit configuration of the original C1X, as well as its five independent power transformer configurations for each circuit block, achieving an elegant and beautiful size form factor while maintaining the C1X’s signature sound.

Grandioso C1X solo


Grandioso C1X solo
  * Grandioso (music): Grand or noble.


Key Features
  • Full dual monoblock configuration in a one-piece chassis
  • Dual-balanced configuration with 4 circuits per channel for thorough low noise
  • “Ultra-Fidelity Attenuator System” with 1,120 steps @ 0.1dB intervals
  • Discrete amplifier module “IDM-01”
  • 3 inputs and 2 outputs of ES-Link Analog, a unique and proprietary current transmission system
  • 2,000V/µs slew rate current transmission enhanced output buffer circuit
  • Esoteric-HCLD (High Current Line Driver)
  • 2 XLR outputs and 2 ES-Link Analog outputs for a multi-power amplifier system
  • 5 transformers: 4 large toroidal transformers for audio system and 1 R-core transformer for control system
  • Input switching circuit with FET elements ensure great sound and long life
  • Smooth feeling control knob with high precision ball bearings
  • Gain adjustment per input: ±18dB (0.1dB step), and L/R balance adjustment: ±6dB (0.1dB step)
  • AV-thru function that allows the coexistence of AV surround and pure 2-channel (selectable input terminals)
  • Editable source device names on the readout
  • Various functions such as dimmer function, mute function, automatic display off setting, etc.
  • Large volume font for better visibility
  • RS-232C terminal for external control
  • DC trigger input/output for system power on/off
  • Double-face remote control to operate Esoteric source devices (RC-1334)



Grandioso C1X solo


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What we Say:

The Esoteric Grandioso C1X solo sits below the the C1X. It offers amazing performance but in a single chassis rather than with the separate power supply of the C1X.

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Esoteric Grandioso C1X solo pre-amplifier