Esoteric Grandioso S1X stereo power amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifier

Grandioso S1X

Open, Dynamic, but Incredibly Pure.
A New Milestone in Class-A Stereo Amplifiers – Grandioso S1X.

Grandioso S1X
Grandioso S1X


Pure Soundscape

With the birth of the Grandioso M1X, our flagship monoblock power amplifier, the Esoteric amplifier design platform has been completely revamped. The Grandioso S1 has now been reborn as the Grandioso S1X, the new flagship in a completely different class of Class-A stereo power amplifiers.
The monoblock M1X embodies Esoteric’s idea of the ideal amplifier. The dynamic sound of the M1X, produced by a completely redesigned drive stage and a powerful power supply unit that incorporates an enormous amount of material, has captivated audiophiles around the world. The S1X, a Class-A stereo model, beautifully follows the M1X’s signature sound of “a sense of dynamism that unleashes the full power of music” and “a sense of grand scale.” In exchange for its high power of 2,400W/1 ohm, the S1X offers a half the space form factor and the transparent and detailed expressiveness that only Class-A can deliver.
Here, is a milestone model that realizes Esoteric’s ideals of the Class-A stereo amplifier.

Grandioso S1X


Grandioso S1X
  ※Grandioso (music): Grand or noble.


Key Features
  • Newly designed drive stage with 5-parallel push-pull drive by large bipolar transistors
  • Pure Class-A operating range of 50W/8ohm provides a full musical expression that combines precision and dynamism
  • “ES-Link Analog” transmission pushes the limits of fidelity between preamp and amplifier
  • Superior power linearity for unparalleled dynamics (50W/8Ω to 100W/4Ω)
  • Large toroidal-core power transformer that is extremely responsive to dynamic current supply changes
  • 3-transformer configuration with independent power transformers for the pre-drive stage, main drive stage, and control system
  • Channel independent high-capacitance Grandioso custom capacitors (10,000μF × 6/ch)
  • Pure copper busbars, ultra-thick wiring, and shortest pattern connections significantly reduce internal impedance
  • Balanced audio connections in each circuit block to ensure low noise
  • High quality parts such as FET switch for input switching, discrete amplifier module IDM-01, etc.
  • Stereo mode and bi-amp mode for further system upgradability with multiple units
  • Enlarged chassis to M1X size with newly designed Class-A construction
  • Chassis design optimizes internal vibration control by thoroughly pursuing a balance between “rigidity” and “flexibility”
  • Dual honeycomb grille and semi-floating top panel for heat dissipation and open sound characteristics
  • Pinpoint isolation foot with unique structure to reduce mechanical stress
  • Unique wave-shaped heat sink to reduce peak resonance
  • DC trigger input for power on/off



Grandioso S1X

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The brand new Esoteric Grandioso S1X is the perfect match for the C1X Solo Pre-amplifier.

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Esoteric Grandioso S1X Stereo power amplifier