Focal Utopia High End New 2022 open back headphones

Focal Utopia High End open back headphones

What we Say:

The Focal Utopia the top model in the Focal premium range of headphones. They are for those seeking the ultimate dynamic headphone experience. They feature stunning build and sound quality. They also come beautifully packaged and include a carry case to keep them safe. Being an open back design they are idea for listening where sound leakage won’t be an issue. The Utopia feature a detachable cable to allow users to experiment with aftermarket cables if they wish. An extension cable is available as an optional extra.

The Utopia has a closed back model sitting just below it in the range called the Stellia. Both models benefit from using the best source components and amplification to really get the most out of them. We would recommend components such as the Naim Uniti Atom Headphone Edition to get an idea of just how good these headphones can sound. There is another open back design further down the range called the Clear MG.

The Utopia are mostly black  with features picked out in Silver and Red. This gives them a really subtle yet elegant look.

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Experience sensational listening quality at home with Utopia, the exceptional headphones made in France by Focal, and the fruit of over 40 years of sound innovation. Unveiled in 2016, it returns in 2022 with a reworked design and improvements to the sound for even more music-inspired emotion.

Its exclusive cutting-edge technology, such as full-range speaker drivers with pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome, completely open at the back, offer a listening experience with striking realism, neutrality, dynamics and transparency. Focal engineers have also developed a copper and aluminium voice coil for a revamped sound signature and incredible reliability.

The listening experience is enhanced by a sleek design and exceptional materials. Combining comfort and sophistication, Utopia is made from genuine leather, aluminium, forged recycled carbon, ‘honeycomb’-design grilles and Black Chrome-coloured rings – an array of details lending these French headphones a unique look and sound. Like the symbolic Yin & Yang depicted on the ear-cups, Utopia embodies beautiful design and high-performing sound in perfect harmony. More than just headphones, this is a sound icon.