Linn Krystal low output moving coil cartridge

Linn Krystal Moving coil phono cartridge.


What we Say:

The Linn Krystal draws on vast experience in high end moving coil cartridge design. Linn have been strong advocates of moving coil technology since their first MC cartridge the “Trak” back in the early 80s. Since that point Linn have strived to refined the technology year by year.

The Krystal sits in the middle of the Linn cartridge range and comes fitted as standard on the Linn Akurate LP12. It offers an excellent upgrade for uses of the Adikt or older Linn MC cartridges. If you have an older Linn MC cartridge it can be traded in towards a Krystal. This gives a significant saving to the customer. Any Majik LP12 user wishing to upgrade their cartridge should give it a listen. It possesses effortless dynamics and fine detail that few other MC cartridges can match.


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What they say:



Two years in development, Krystal uses the design principles of our leading moving coil cartridge Kandid to capture the minute changes in the record groove, letting you hear every musical detail.

Krystal features a similar approach to minimising mass as Kandid, using a nude design to give the cartridge less inertia so it can react more quickly to the changes in the groove. It also uses the triple-point mounting system for a solid connection to the tonearm headshell, while the aircraft grade 7075 aluminium chassis provides a lightweight, stiff and stable platform for the generator. Even the adhesive used on Krystal was painstakingly selected to provide the most rigid bond possible to avoid any dampening effects.

Whether you specify Krystal on your current turntable or buy it as part of an Akurate LP12, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a more musical performance from all your vinyl.

  • Moving coil (MC)
  • Precision machined 7075 aluminium body
  • Triple-point mounting system
  • Nude diamond stylus