Linn Adikt moving magnet (MM) cartridge

Linn Adikt moving magnet phono cartridge.


What we Say:

The Linn Adikt is a high performance moving magnet phono cartridge. It comes fitted as standard to the Linn Majik LP12 turntable but will also work well in other decks. If you are using one of the older K series cartridges the Adikt will give your deck a performance boost. The Adikt features a removable stylus allowning replacement when it becomes worn meaning the main cartridge body can be reused.

The Adikt may be the entry level MM cartridge from Linn but it will work well in a range of decks. The character of the cartridge is typical Linn,the sound is dynamic and tuneful with excellent ability to pick out finer details within the recording. Please get in touch if you would like to hear it in your system.

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What they say:



Designed to retrieve an incredible level of musical detail from the groove of a record, Adikt uses an efficient and affordable moving magnet (MM) configuration. This makes it an ideal starting point for any quality vinyl playback system and its performance is more than a match for many expensive moving coil (MC) designs.

The Adikt cartridge features a rigid body and Gyger II replaceable stylus, both of which help to achieve a finely detailed and dynamic sound. It is easily mounted on a wide range of tonearms, including Linn’s Akito.

Adikt is fitted as standard to the Majik LP12.

  • Moving magnet (MM)
  • Gyger II replaceable stylus