Linn Majik Static-balanced tonearm

Linn Majik Static-balance tonearm.

What we Say:

The Linn Majik tonearm is the entry level arm in the Linn range. It comes fitted as standard on the Majik LP12 and is an excellent upgrade for existing LP12 owners. The Arm is a crucial element in any turntable and has a tough job to do. It must hold the cartridge securely and move freely in the required directions. To do this it must be rigid and use bearings of very high quality. Any play in the bearings will cause vital information in the record groove to be missed. As the stylus picks up the information from the groove it must not make the arm vibrate so the structure of the arm must not only be stiff but free of resonances.

Linn use the finest components and assembly processes to meet these challenging design requirements. Hand assembly and vast experience in arm building will ensure your product performs and lasts for years to come.

The Linn Majik tonearm features a large diameter arm tube and also improved bearings over the previous model. The Majik arm provides a stable rigid base for your cartridge.

The Majik tonearm is a good match for any good quality MM cartridge such as the Linn Adikt (MM).

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What they say:

Majik Tonearm


A performance upgrade for the original Majik LP12 turntable with the Project 9-cc tonearm or decks with other brand tonearms, Linn’s Majik tonearm is engineered to provide a high level of precision at a more accessible price point.

A static-balanced design featuring a one-point cross bearing arrangement, the CNC turned aluminium and brass construction creates a precise and rigid tonearm.

Bias force is provided by a calibrated spring mechanism, allowing adjustment for a range of values.

A die-cast headshell with 2 slot design makes it a perfect match for Linn’s Adikt Moving Magnet cartridge, however the open design means that it’s also compatible with many different cartridges.

  • Static-balanced tonearm design
  • One-point cross bearing arrangement
  • CNC turned aluminium and brass construction, black anodised finish
  • Bias force provided by calibrated spring mechanism
  • Die-cast headshell with 2 slot design