Linn Urika internal MC phono stage for LP12

Linn Urika internal MC phono stage for LP12.


What we Say:

The Linn Urika is a high performance MC phono stage that fits inside the LP12. It is the top model in the Linn range. It comes in two versions, both of these fit are fitted onto a base board. The Urika Mk1 is an all analogue phono stage which is highly musical, extremely quiet and offers very low background noise. The Urika 2 is the latest version which is part analogue and part digital.

Some people may see this as an unusual move but when considered as part of an overall Linn system it makes perfect sense. The RIAA equalisation stage which is part of every phono stage is not an ideal solution. This is because it puts a filter in the signal path. Linn first boost the MC signal to a higher voltage level and then feed it into an ADC. This means that the RIAA equalisation no longer needs doing by an analogue filter but can now be implemented in the digital domain. This results in lower distortion and more accurate reproduction of the signal. It also allows cartridge and phono stage to be more accurately matched. The signal stays in the digital domain all the way to the loudspeakers using the Linn Exact Link system. The Katalyst DAC s in the speakers convert the signal back to analogue for before amplification.

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What they say:


Internally mounted for superior performance


This unique moving coil phono stage fits snugly inside the Sondek LP12 turntable and works with the Radikal motor control to deliver the best performance possible when you use an analogue pre-amplifier.

Urika delivers an impressive level of clarity and detail thanks to its location within the plinth itself which brings it as close as possible to the tonearm, minimising cable length and therefore signal loss and noise. Mounted on its own integrated Trampolin base board, the phono stage is also isolated from unwanted vibrations.

To ensure consistent and faithful reproduction of the music, Urika features a dual mono design that banishes any potential crosstalk.

Direct-coupled RCA and transformer-coupled XLR outputs allow you to choose the best connection option for your system and guarantee exceptional performance in all conditions.

Powered by Radikal, which also powers and controls the LP12’s top of the range DC motor, Urika is a transformative upgrade, letting you experience an exceptional performance from your LP12 turntable.

  • Moving coil (MC) internal phono stage for LP12
  • Differential arm cable (T-Kable) with full screening
  • Independent dual mono channel circuitry
  • Mounted on integrated Trampolin for phono stage isolation and improved deck suspension
  • Powered by Linn Radikal