Naim Audio NAP 350 Mono power amplifier

Naim Audio NAP 350 New Classic mono amplifiers.


What we Say:

The Naim Audio NAP 350 mono power amps are on permanent demonstration at DNA Audio.

We were delighted when the news came from Salisbury that Naim were going back to the Monoblock amp configuration just like they did with the NAP135. We were even more delighted when we chatted with Steve Sells and it became apparent that not only were they going to be more powerful than the outgoing NAP300 DR but also more powerful than the NAP500. They have achieved this and not by an insignificant margin. They are rated at 175 WPC but in the recent Hi-Fi News bench tests they even achieved quite a bit more than even this figure.

They have tremendous grip and dynamics but with much more subtlety than the original 135s and also the 300 DR. A great move forward from Naim.

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What they say:

NAP 350

Our highly dynamic monoblock power amplifier  

A benchmark amplifier; a pair of NAP 350s offer precise musical performance. Designed to effortlessly drive large and demanding loudspeakers, capturing the true dynamics of music.

Naim know-how
Naim know-how

Under the guidance of our Technical Director, our engineers have developed innovative electronic circuits to give the New Classic products excellent audio performance. The NAP 350 has a new high-current output stage that uses matched pairs of Statement NA009 custom power transistors. Combined with our acclaimed DR technology, which guarantees a stable and low-noise power supply, the NAP 350 delivers high power with precision and speed.

Perfect integration in a complete system
Perfect integration in a complete system

NAP 350 combines perfectly with the NSS 333 streamer and the NAC 332 preamplifier.

A timeless design
A timeless design

Naim products are designed to be both contemporary and timeless. Our creations forgo any unnecessary embellishment that would detract from the performance and sound quality.
The NAP 350 combines a sleek design and premium materials such as highly thermally conductive aluminium alloy heatsinks.

The story of Naim and aluminium
Product Type Amplifier
Damping factor into 8 36
Signal to noise ratio ref 100W 8 A-weighted ref 175W 8Ω A-weighted: 114dB
Signal to noise ratio ref 1W 8 A-weighted 91dB
Input signal for clipping 1.33V RMS
Peak current into 1 (1kHz 1mS) +/-42 amps peak (1.7kW peak power)
Burst power 2 610 Watts 2Ω @1% THD+N
Audio Inputs
Analogue Input 1 x 47kΩ True balanced via XLR
1 x 34kΩ singled ended via legacy adaptor lead
Audio Outputs
Crosstalk NA (mono)
THD + N 0.006%
Frequency Response -3dB @ 1.4Hz to 100kHz
Gain +29dB
Weight 36.38lbs (16.5kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 35/8x17x121/2″ (9.15×43.2×31.75cm)
Mains Supply 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Passive consumption: 24W (idle)

Standby consumption: <0.5W

Speaker Outputs
Power Output 175 Watts 8Ω @0.1% THD+N (195W @1%)
345 Watts 4Ω @1% THD+N