Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition turntable system

Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition turntable system.

What we Say:

The Naim Audio Solstice is the new turntable system from Naim. It is the first full turntable from Naim in their 48 year history. They have made turntable components before but never a full deck. Most of you will be familiar with their components for the LP12 such as the iconic Aro toneram and Armageddon power supply. Now it is time to see what Vinyl will sound like through a full Naim Deck.

The Naim audio Solstice system is made up of several parts. This system comprises of the deck itself, the Aro 2 tonearm, Equinox MC cartridge, NPX TT power supply and NVC TT phono stage. The power supply and phono stage come in a brand new for Solstice case design. The new Aro 2 features a larger diameter carbon fibre arm tube, magnetic anti skate and also a lift lower.

The deck itself featured many innovative features. It has been designed by Roy George in conjunction with clearaudio who are the manufacturing partners for it. Roy was technical director at Naim for many years. He worked on many of the Naim products we know and love and brings his unique talent for problem solving to the table. Like most Naim products decoupling is a key priority. Isolating the motor from the bearing and power supply is achieved with the use of a clever internal sprung system. This is not dissimilar to the  system used on the DBL midrange driver. Slots are milled into the plywood core of the plinth which isolate the two elements.

The Aro 2 is a brand new version of the Iconic Aro. It brings it right up to date with new features such as a carbon fibre arm tube, lift/lower device and a brand new custom decoupled arm lead.

The brand new Equinox MC cartridge is designed by Naim and made by clearaudio. It features a machined from solid alloy body, boron cantilever and microline stylus.

The deck connects to the NPX TT external power supply via a multiway Burndy cable. The power supply also supplies the NVC TT phono stage via a 7 pin din connector.

The NVC TT phono stage can be set to suit and cartridge loading


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What they say:


A New Dawn For Music

Naim Audio has proudly designed and handcrafted music systems in the historic English city of Salisbury for almost 50 years. Just outside the city lies the World Heritage site of Stonehenge, its Neolithic standing stones perfectly framing the movements of the sun. We didn’t need to look far for naming inspiration for this very Special Edition, nor did we need to deviate from our own heritage: although Solstice is our first turntable, we have been venerating vinyl since the genesis of Naim in the late 1960s.

If you love the organic authenticity of vinyl, you can now finally enjoy it with the musical purity and passion only a Naim system can deliver – welcome to a new dawn for music.