Naim Flatcap XS


What we Say:

We love our flatcaps at DNA in Yorkshire, particular the slim, black ones that make music sound fantastic. Behold, the Flatcap XS power supply from Naim. It’s designed to enhance your XS set-up, providing additional performance to a CD5 XS and a NAIT XS. It can be also used with the NAC 202 and NAC 282 preamplifiers, and all of the Naim phono stages, active crossovers and preamplifiers except the NAC 552 and NAC 252.

By ‘eck, it sounds good…

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What they say:

Designed to complement our XS range, the FlatCap XS is a dual-rail, dual-output power supply that powers not just one, but two Naim Audio components if required. For example, an XS Series owner could add a FlatCap XS to enhance the performance of both a CD5 XS and a NAC 152 XS, and so enjoy all the improvements to clarity, dynamics and timing you’d expect from any Naim Audio power supply upgrade. It’s a logical, high-value and highly effective upgrade path – just as you’d expect from Naim Audio

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