Naim HiCap DR (discrete regulator) Power Supply

Naim HiCap DR power supply with discrete regulator technology.


What we Say:

The new HiCap DR (Discrete Regulator) technology is an effective way of upgrading many Naim components. This flexible stand-alone power unit is designed to bring the best out of Naim pre-amplifiers and source components. It is the perfect building block to help you move towards your dream amplifier.

The Naim Hi-cap DR is the first Naim power supply in the Classic range. The Naim  philosophy is to spend the money on things that give the best performance. It is this approach that gives the Naim HiCap DR such a high level of performance.

Inside the Naim HiCap DR power supply there is a lot going on. Naim  use a massive toroidal transformer which is more in line with what you expect in a large power amplifier. They do this because they have low stray magnetic field but also simply because it sounds better.

The transformer has multiple windings that split the supply for left and right channels.   Because they do this they can ensure each element of the component it is powering functions at its’ best. No other company takes such an approach to power supply design.

This gives the Naim range such a distinctive dynamic sound. The HiCap DR will power the following amplifiers, NAIT XS 2, SUPERNAIT 2, NAC 152 XS, NAC 202, NAC 282, StageLine, SuperLine and HeadLine 2. In addition to this it will also power the CD5 XS, , SNAXO 242 and SNAXO 362.

All Naim products are hand made in their facility in Salisbury.

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What they say:


It may be small, but the HiCap’s talent for maximising your system’s musicality should not be underestimated. A compact power supply partner for almost all of our preamplifiers plus our phono stages and active crossover components, its large toroidal transformer and generous, high-quality smoothing capacitors ensure excellent performance and value. NAC 282 preamplifier owners can enjoy even better performance by adding an additional, second HiCap to their system.

  • Two 24V power outputs
  • All-new Discrete Regulator (DR) configuration, delivering Naim Audio’s best-ever standards of stable, low-noise power
  • Bead-blasted, black-anodised aluminium chassis plus anti-vibration, resonance controlling feet
Technology & Craft

Each of the power outputs on the HiCap use Naim Audio’s specially designed discrete regulators for optimum performance. The design can be used to power all of the Naim Audio phono stage preamplifier, active crossovers and preamplifiers except the NAC 552 and NAC 252. In the case of the NAC 282 preamplifier a second HiCap may be used, bringing further improvements. The addition of anti-vibration, resonance-controlling feet complements the elegant new cast and extruded anti-magnetic chassis to protect the sensitive internal components from resonance and microphonic vibration.

The HiCap was updated in 2012 as a result of a two year project to develop a new discrete regulator (DR) for Naim Audio power supplies. The new Naim Audio DR now features, alongside improvements to the wire routing, mechanical decoupling and internal layout. These enhancements, developed through intensive listening tests, significantly raise performance and make music even more communicative and enjoyable.

A technical white paper on the Naim Audio Discrete Regulator technology is available here.

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