Naim Hi-Line


What we Say:

The Hi-Line takes the Naim interconnect to another level. It features a bespoke Naim built connector that is there to decouple vibration which effectively allows the pins to float inside the plug. Cable is also of a vastly higher specification to a standard interconnect. Book in to hear the difference for yourself.

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What they say:

During the development of the reference CD555 CD player, a special project ran in parallel; to develop a new signal cable that would exceed the performance our standard signal cable. The brief was to investigate all parameters of a signal carrier; to improve the whole rather than just improving the cable as is the more normal development practice.

The result of this pure development project is the Hi-Line signal cable. Available with both DIN and RCA terminations, its patented Air-PLUG connector is a decoupling device that reduces vibration transmitted along the cable itself, preserving your system’s precious musicality.