Naim NAC 202 stereo line level Pre-amplifier

Naim NAC 202 line level pre-amplifier.


What we Say:


The Naim NAC 202 (Naim Audio Control) is the first step in the Naim Pre-amplifier ladder. The NAC 202 features 6 line level inputs (2 with Din and RCA). One of the inputs can also power a Naim phono stage should you want to connect up a turntable. On the front panel it simply has selector switches, a volume control and a mute button. This minimalist approach is typical Naim philosophy, spend the money on things that give the best performance at the price point. It is this approach that gives the Naim NAC 202  2 such a high level of performance for the money.


Moving from an Integrated amplifier to a separate Pre and Power amplifier give big performance advantages. The delicate incoming signal no longer has to live in the same space as the large power supply. This quieter environment means that the integrity of the incoming signal is preserved. The NAC 202 is powered from an external source such as a NAP 200 DR. Inside the NAC 202 the main feature is a large circuit board. Careful circuit layout and grounding is used throughout as is mechanical decoupling to reduce microphony. Naim use a high quality Alps motorised potentiometer for volume control . No other company makes amplifiers in quite the same way Naim do. This attention to detail is what gives the Naim amplifier range such a distinctive dynamic sound.

Upgrade path:

The NAC 202 is a future proof product. Hook it up to a NAP200 DR power amplifier for a great sounding combination. To improve the performance a number of different options are available. The NAPSC 2 power supply is the first step because it separates digital and analogue circuits. Adding a Hi-cap DR will improve because it provides a separate low noise supply for each channel. It is possible to use a supercap and although this would sound great this would be the point where the next logical step is to consider a 282.

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What they say:


The NAC 202 is the next step up from our entry-level NAC 152 XS, adding star-earthed circuit boards for superior transparency and an even lower resonance circuit layout. It provides for a wide range of expansion and upgrade options, including connection to a StageLine phonostage and an AV bypass connection to an external AV amplifier.

  • Support for both DIN and RCA inputs to ease connection into a wider range of systems
  • User configurable unity-gain AV input
  • Powered input for use with StageLine or Prefix phono stage
  • RC5 input and Smart IR system for remote control integration of Naim Audio products
  • Optional RS232 input/output for use in full home automation systems
  • Can be powered from the preamp inputs of the NAP 155 XS or NAP 200 power amplifier or external power supply (see Upgrade Path)
Technology & Craft

The NAC 202 introduced a new level of technical and musical performance to our range of preamplifiers, along with elegant new styling.

Low-resonance circuit boards and anti-vibration, resonance controlling feet minimise the effect of microphonic vibration on the highly sensitive electronic components while carefully matched precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to preserve musical integrity and ensure long-term stability. The intelligent balance control combines a high quality motorised potentiometer for the best performance with intelligent circuitry to indicate the centre position.

The NAC 202 also features a silent microprocessor that sleeps during listening and controls all aspects of the amplifier including: protection circuits that continuously monitor the power supplies ensuring safe shut down in the event of a power cut; user-configurable RC5 input and Smart IR system for remote control integration of Naim Audio products.

A Naim Audio Retailer will recommend the right system for you, however you may choose to partner the NAC 202 with the following as a start:

  • Sopra
  • NDX
  • NAP 200 DR
  • CDX2


Audio Inputs
Analogue Input 4 x DIN, 2 x RCA
Input Sensitivity 75mV
Input Impedance 47kΩ
Other Inputs AV input configurable for unity gain
Audio Outputs
Analogue 2 x variable (DIN), 3 x line level
Line Outputs Fixed (level) 75mV, 600Ω
Line Outputs Variable (level) 775mV
Output Impedance <50Ω
Load Impedance 10kΩ (min.)
Power Outputs Naim phono amplifier
Remote Control Infra Red (RC5)
Remote Input RCA on rear (RC5)
RS232 Optional (DE9 female)
User Control
Front Panel Volume control, eight button matrix
Handheld NARCOM-4 Remote Control
Supply Voltage 24V
Power Supply Options NAP 155 XS, NAP 200, FlatCap XS, HiCap, SuperCap
Power Supply 1 x Hi-Cap/SuperCap
Other NAPSC (optional)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 87 x 432 x 314 mm
Weight 7.0 kg
Supplied with NARCOM-4 Remote Control
Front Brushed and black anodised
Case Black powder coated

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