Naim NAP100 stereo power amplifier.

Naim NAP 100 stereo power amplifier.


What we Say:

A compact but powerful power amp, the Naim NAP 100 from Naim is not to be underestimated. Hand built in Salisbury, England, NAP 100 is a critically acclaimed performer. It gives a weighty and refined presentation to any type of music. If you are looking for a keenly priced power amp that won’t take up much room, but don’t want to compromise on sound, then you should give the Naim NAP 100 an audition.

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What they say:

The NAP 100 is a classic expression of traditional Naim Audio power amplifier engineering. While its dimensions are conveniently compact – just a mere 20cm wide – its performance is seriously dynamic and expansive.

The NAP 100 is perfect for a number of applications, adding a dose of Naim Audio musicality to a wide variety of systems. Paired with our DAC-V1 digital-to-analogue converter, it becomes the power behind a high-end system to unleash the music from your PC or Mac. Add a UnitiServe to the equation and you create a full hi-fi system that divorces your listening experience from the desktop and allows you complete control from our n-Serve iOS app.

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