Naim NDX5 XS2


What we Say:

It’s not hard to get us excited with new kit here at DNA Audio, but the new ND5 XS2 is a real cause for celebration. As the entry-level model in the new family of streamers, it benefits from an all-new streaming platform, is enormously flexible and sounds amazing when paired, for example, with an integrated amplifier like Supernait2.

We’ve spent some time with the ND5 XS2 now, and love its user interface and clean, musical delivery. We expect these to be in high demand – it’s a high quality product at an enticing price.

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What they say:

The ND5 XS 2 uses our innovative new streaming platform with an expanded feature set. High-res UPnP™ streaming, AirPlay, Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth (apt X HD), Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Roon compatibility, internet radio and multiroom streaming – alongside digital and USB inputs for conventional connections – make this versatile player the ideal partner for one of our integrated amplifiers.

Carefully selected and matched parts, an oversized toroidal transformer, decoupled PCB boards: the ND5 XS 2 benefits from classic Naim engineering and fastidious attention to detail to ensure that it delivers natural, engaging sound quality from all sources.

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