Naim Superline Reference Phono Stage Pre-amplifier

Naim Superline Reference Phono Stage Pre-amplifier


What we Say:

The Naim Audio superline is a true reference product. If you are looking for the highest possible sound quality from your turntable source then it should be on your shortlist.

If you already have a Naim system the Superline can be powered from the Auxiliary power socket on your pre-amplifier. If not it will need a power supply such as a Hi0cap DR to get it up and running. The Superline has adjustable loading which is applied via two din sockets on the rear. The Superline comes with a set of plugs that cover the most common values, further ones can be ordered if you have a cartridge that requires different loading.

The circuit uses the now very familiar sprung sub-chassis mounting as found in the NAC552. This isolates the circuitry from vibration. Some components such as capacitors are susceptible to microphony.  Inputs are available for both RCA and BNC connectors. The Superline can be upgrded by using a separate power supply..

The Superline makes a staggering difference if you are using an LP12 with a prefix or internal phono boards such as Naim 523. Even if you are using a pre-fix with a separate external power supply such as a hi-cap or even a supercap the Superline is in a totally different league. A must listen if you are a serious vinyl enthusiast.

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What they say:

Vinyl replay makes a huge contribution to the enjoyment of recorded music. At its best, vinyl has a uniquely engaging and musical quality, and with the SuperLine phonostage, the best of vinyl just gets better.

The SuperLine is a high performance moving-coil phono stage built in the Naim Audio aluminium reference enclosure with an anodised front panel. It brings all Naim Audio’s latest analogue electronic design and environmental isolation techniques to bear on the most delicate analogue element of any hi-fi system – the moving-coil phono signal. The SuperLine requires an external power supply – either the power supply output of an appropriate Naim Audio preamplifier or the SUPERNAIT and NAIT XS integrated amplifiers, or, for optimum performance, a dedicated FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap.

SuperLine brings out all that’s best in vinyl replay – timing, pitch accuracy, clarity, detail, and the unmistakable naturalness that records can deliver in abundance.

  • RCA and BNC inputs
  • Moving coil only, with cartridge impedance matching adjustment (20 different load combinations possible)
  • Suspension system for delicate electronics as used in 500 Series
  • 24V supply voltage from NaimUniti 2, NAIT XS 2, SUPERNAIT 2, Naim Audio preamplifier (except NAC-N 172 XS), FlatCap XS, HiCap or SuperCap required
  • Bead-blasted, black anodised front panel
Technology & Craft

The heart of the SuperLine is a new, two-stage single-ended Class A discrete amplifier with part-passive RIAA filtering that runs off 25 internally regulated power supplies and features the transistor “quiet room” thermal isolation technique originally developed for the NAP 500 power amplifier. Environmental isolation is also ensured by the SuperLine’s massive sub-chassis and high-Q spring suspension system – used here for the first time on a phono amplifier.

Duplicate phono and BNC sockets provide input versatility, and cartridge impedance matching adjustment is provided by four resistive and three capacitive load plugs. In combination with the SuperLine’s internal input load, twenty different standard load combinations are possible

The SuperLine is also available in a lower gain model, SuperLine E. The SuperLine E is identical to the standard SuperLine except that is has been designed for use with cartridges that have a higher output voltage than most popular moving coils: for example high output moving coils.