Naim SuperNait 2

Naim Audio Supernait 2 stereo integrated amplifier.

What we Say:

The Naim Supernait 2 is top NAIT (Naim Audio Integrated) single-box amplifier solution. The Supernait 2 features 6 line level inputs (Din and RCA) and one subwoofer output.  On the front panel it simply has selector switches, a volume control and a headphone socket. This minimalist approach is typical Naim Nait philosophy, spend the money on things that give the best performance at the price point. It is this approach that gives the Naim Supernait  2 such a high level of performance for the money.

Inside the Supernait 2 it is easy to see how the 80W per channel specification doesn’t tell the whole story.   The heart of the product is the power supply. Naim use toroidal transformers because they reduce stray magnetic field. The Supernait 2 transformer is massive and has 7 separate windings supplying different stages of the amplifier for maximum performance. Because of this the Supernait 2 delivers massive dynamic power when the music demands it. In addition a high quality Alps motorised potentiometer is used for volume control . No other company makes amplifiers in quite the same way Naim do.

This attention to detail is what gives the Naim amplifier range such a distinctive dynamic sound. It is quite capable of driving most loudspeakers with ease and we recommend you get in touch if you would like to hear any Naim product. This the top model in the Naim integrated amplifier range. There are two more integrated amps in the range, the Nait 5SI and the Nait XS 2.

The Supernait 2 is a future proof product. Add a Hi-cap DR to boost the performance further, then add a power amplifier such as a NAP250 DR as and when funds will allow. Build  your dream system .

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What they say:


It’s been almost 30 years since we designed our first integrated amplifier: time enough to define and refine the technical ingredients essential to high-end performance. Our reference quality SUPERNAIT 2 represents the pinnacle of this accumulated knowledge. It is both the most sophisticated integrated amplifier we’ve ever created and a classic Naim Audio product, shot through with the soul of the original, iconic NAIT.

SUPERNAIT 2 combines an 80W power amplifier with six individually decoupled input sockets and borrows advanced technology from Naim Audio’s flagship preamplifier, the NAC 552. In employing the latest Naim Audio DR (Discrete Regulator) circuits in its power supply, it sits right at the forefront of Naim Audio amplifier technology.

  • 80W per channel power output
  • Six individually decoupled and hand-wired inputs with support for both DIN and RCA connections
  • Built in Naim Audio DR (Discrete Regulator) power supply for preamplifier section
  • 1/4” (6.35mm) headphone output and high quality class-A headphone amplifier
  • Ceramic heat sink isolation for improved sound quality on power and preamp sections
  • Dedicated subwoofer output
  • Powered input for use with StageLine or SuperLine phono stage
Technology & Craft

SUPERNAIT 2 includes a Class A preamp output stage which doubles as a headphone amplifier, ceramic heatsink technology that minimises capacitive coupling between the chassis and output transistors for optimum sound quality. Its inputs are each individually decoupled and hand-wired to minimise noise and interference while internal switching employs ultra-low-noise, constant current sources which are derived directly from the electronic design of the flagship NAC 552preamplifier.

Set at the core of every SUPERNAIT 2 is a custom-designed toroidal transformer featuring seven separate windings. This can be further upgraded with one of our external HiCap or SuperCap power supplies. Even the analogue delights of vinyl are yours to explore: simply add a StageLine or SuperLine phono stage. The SUPERNAIT 2 doesn’t miss a trick or a beat.

It doesn’t miss any music either. The SUPERNAIT 2 is never fazed by the demands of either speaker or music. It simply delivers dynamic, detailed and engaging music that can’t fail to move you.

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