What we Say:

One of the great pleasures of buying into Naim equipment is ‘The Upgrade Journey’.

Many Naim products can benefit from being partnered with external power supplies that take on the job of providing consistent, low noise supply voltage, thus allowing source components and amplifiers to concentrate on their primary functions.

The XPS is one of these; it’s the go-to solution for the keen upgrader seeking greater dynamics, sound-staging and oomph.

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What they say:

The XPS is a simple and effective upgrade to enhance the music-making ability of your Naim Audio source component. As one of our most flexible performers it can be used to upgrade our CDX2 CD player and DAC digital to analogue converter, and it is also suitable for use with our NDSNDX and ND5 XS network players and HDXhard-disk player/server. Its large toroidal transformer features six separately regulated, low-noise outputs and benefits from Naim Audio DR voltage regulator technology.

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