Naim NDX 2 Network streamer DAC.


What we Say:


The Naim NDX 2  is the second step in the Naim streaming ladder. The NDX 2 features two analogue outputs on Din and RCA.  It also has digital inputs to allow other digital sources to be added. This minimalist approach is typical Naim philosophy, spend the money on things that give the best performance at the price point. It is this approach that gives the Naim NDX 2  2 such a high level of performance for the money.


Careful circuit layout and grounding is used throughout as is mechanical decoupling to reduce microphony. Naim use Burr Brown DACs and a fully discreet analogue filter which gives allows them to extract every last bit of performance from the source material. Naim use a high quality components throughout. No other company makes products in quite the same way Naim do. This attention to detail is what gives the Naim amplifier range such a distinctive dynamic sound.

Upgrade path:

The NDX 2 is a future proof product. Hook it up on it’s own for a great sound. To improve the performance add an XPS DR power supply. For the ultimate performance add a 555 DR power supply. It will improve performance because it provides a separate low noise supply for each section of the circuit.

We love the Naim NDX 2 streamer – it’s always on in our listening room. Why? Because it offers a stunning, unadulterated streaming experience.

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What they say:


With its world-class performance, the versatile and upgradable NDX 2 embodies the current state of the art. A host of features such as high-res UPnPTM streaming, AirPlay, Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth (aptX HD), Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Roon compatibility, vTuner internet radio and multiroom streaming as well as digital and USB inputs provide all the connectivity you could wish for.

Our main focus in developing the NDX 2 network player, however, was its performance. Along with Naim’s bespoke streaming platform, we implemented an upgraded DAC and discrete analogue stages. These and numerous other improvements over its acclaimed predecessor make the NDX 2 a sonic force to be reckoned with, offering highly immersive and lively replay quality.

  • UPnP-enabled to allow streaming of audio files at up to 32bit/384kHz resolution from Naim Audio hard disk servers, network-attached storage (NAS) devices or any home computer
  • Supports a broad range of music formats: WAV, FLAC, DSD, Apple Lossless, AIFF, AAC, Windows Media-formatted files, M4A and MP3. Gapless playback on all file formats
  • Four 24bit/192kHz capable digital inputs (S/PDIF) to support optimum connection to external sources
  • 5” colour display presenting album artwork as well as track information
  • Built-in Chromecast allows you to stream from hundreds of supported smartphone or tablet apps (192kHz)
  • Apple AirPlay – stream music from your iOS device or from iTunes and Apple Music
  • Spotify Connect built-in to stream millions of songs from the world’s most popular streaming service
  • Native support for TIDAL streaming service with free 90 day trial of lossless HiFi tier
  • Front-panel USB port for replay of MP3 player and USB-stored audio (1.6A charge)
  • vTuner 5* full-service internet radio
  • Multiroom & Party Mode compatible
  • iOS and Android Naim Audio app for intuitive control
  • Bluetooth connectivity with aptX HD codec for quality audio playback
  • Thanks to RC5 system integration, you can control compatible amplifiers that are connected to your network player directly from the Naim app on a phone or tablet.
  • Bi-directional, Zigbee®-compatible remote control
  • Roon ready – turning your music collection into a beautifully laid out catalogue
Technology & Craft

The Burr-Brown® PCM1792A digital-to-analogue converter working alongside our new streaming platform is one of the best available. We improved its performance even further by implementing our own digital filters and adding a discrete current-tovoltage converter immediately after the DAC.

The streaming section of the NDX 2 uses the latest Naim network card featuring lownoise, high-speed low-voltage differential signalling (LVDS) to route the digital audio signal. The higher speed is capable of decoding all HD audio formats at up to 32 bits/384 kHz or DSD128. Rather than the source acting as the digital timing master, our new streaming board turns things around and allows our DAC clock to control the flow of audio data. The data is integer-over-sampled in a SHARC DSP to an incredible 40-bit accuracy before it’s fed to the Burr-Brown DAC.

The NDX 2 features an integrated low-noise power supply with a custom-designed toroidal transformer and separate windings for the digital and analogue sections. However, the player can be upgraded with an external XPS DR or 555 PS DR power supply, giving you a marked increase in sonic authority and emotion.

During the development of the NDX 2, our engineers examined every detail, from mechanical construction, component selection and board layout. The result is a network player worthy of the Naim badge, with a sound that’s rich, detailed and engaging.

Latest Reviews
What Hi-Fi? | NDX 2 | 5 Star Review, Feb 2019
‘For most, a stand-alone Naim NDX 2 will be all the streamer they could ever want. It is well made, carefully conceived and sounds excellent for the money. Naim also has a great track record on supporting its products, which really matters when the investment is as heavy as this. In short, buy the NDX 2 with confidence.’
The Ear | NDX 2 | 5 Star Review, Feb 2019
‘This is a fabulous streamer, use it with a very good server and you are guaranteed digital musical entertainment that will keep you enthralled for years. It shows you precisely what’s going on and brings out what’s special about the music, and that’s what you want from a piece of audio electronics.’
Fairaudio | NDX 2 | Hi-Fi Test , Nov 2018
Rather sonorous and razor-sharp pulse playback and analytical access to the air belt … is rather rare, right? No, just as the Naim does that, it seems coherent: music should come across tangibly, authentically and physically.
NDX 2 | Hi-Fi Critic, Sep 2018
Clarity, image depth precision and dynamics are a prime strength, while still greater resolution and improved timing may be had with those optional extra power supplies. An Audio Excellence rating seems appropriate for the NDX 2/555 PS DR combination.
Network Players Press Event | Hi-Fi+, Apr 2018
‘First Listen – Naim ND5 XS 2, NDX 2, ND 555 streamers’
Network Players Press Event | What Hi-Fi, Apr 2018
‘Naim Audio announces new premium music streamers’
Network Players Press Event | The Ear, Apr 2018
‘…pushed the potential of streaming audio to a new high with the ND 555’
Network Players Press Event | CE Pro Europe, Apr 2018
‘Naim Gets Networked With ND 555’
Diapason | Uniti Atom & NDX 2 | Diapason d’Or 2018

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