Neat Acoustics Orkestra floor standing loudspeakers Graded brand new pair in Walnut

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Neat Acoustics Orkestra floor standing loudspeakers

What we Say:

The Neat Acoustics Orkestra are the largest model in the Strata range. They are essentially a bigger version of the Ekstra. It is a 2.5 way design which combines a 75mm ribbon tweeter with 3 x 170mm drivers. The ribbon and the first of the 170mm drivers are located in a compartment in the top of the speaker. The other two are located in the bottom section of the cabinet. These are configured to operate as Isobaric bass loading. Both Drivers are facing downwards, the bottom one drives the room directly and the inner one is ported from the rear of the loudspeaker.

This isobaric bass loading method gives them a fast tuneful and extended bass response. The 75mm true ribbon driver is extremely sweet and open sounding. These are a very musically engaging and natural sounding loudspeaker. They should be on your shortlist if you are looking for a relatively large floor stander.

The Neat Acoustics Orkestra have four side mounted aluminium feet with spikes for added stability.  The cabinets come in a range of stunning real wood finishes that include Walnut and Oak.

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What they say:


Combining elements from the EKSTRA and the prestige ULTIMATUM XL6 Model, the Orkestra is a 2.5 way design incorporating a 75mm true ribbon tweeter, and three 170mm main drive units.

For a full range loudspeaker, the ORKESTRA has a very small footprint and can be easily accommodated in compact spaces. Combining stunning bass power with delicacy, it delivers a comprehensive depiction of all types of music.

The upper section houses the ribbon tweeter and a 170mm drive unit handling bass and midrange, thus acting as a sealed 2-way speaker in its own right.

This is sealed off from the lower section, which features two downward-facing 170mm drive units in iso-baric configuration, handling only the very low bass frequencies as if it were an integrated subwoofer.

The crossover is a minimal design, employing 1st & 2nd order slopes. The crossover components are all hard-wired, with point-to-point connections in order to maximise integrity. The crossover components are of premium audiophile quality and include high voltage polypropylene capacitors and low loss air-cored inductors.

The ORKESTRA is supplied with a single terminal pair as standard.

Bi-wire/bi-amp terminals can be fitted at no additional cost if specified with order.


Size (hxwxd): 103 x 22 x 24cm

Footprint (wxd): 32 x 24cm

Drive Unit Dimensions: 1 x 75mm Ribbon Tweeter, 3 x 170mm Main Drive Units

Frequency Range: : 20Hz – 40kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Sensitivity: 88dB/2.83v


  • NATURAL OAK oakmotive

  •  AMERICAN WALNUT walnutmotive

  • BLACK OAK blackmotive

  • SATIN WHITE whitemotive

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