Neat Iota


What we Say:

How long does it take to assume iconic status?

Such enveloping sound from a such a small speaker, the Iota redefines what can be achieved acoustically within a compact form factor. Hand-built in the county Durham factory, Iota uses decades of experience to deliver an authentic high-end listening experience.

We love our little Iotas; they’re always on in our shop at DNA, so pop in and give them a listen and then decide…iconic? Well, we think so…

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What they say:

The IOTA incorporates the implementation of radical and unorthodox thinking in order to offer the same integrity and musical capability that distinguishes all Neat loudspeakers. It is especially suited to the current crop of all-in-one streaming systems, from which a very high level of sound quality can be attained, but space is usually at a premium.

This tiny loudspeaker is extremely flexible in terms of placement. It can be placed on shelves, sideboards, worktops or desktops (some form of isolation is recommended). There are also dedicated stands available on request.

The Iota can also be mounted on wall brackets if required. 6mm (M6) 60mm-spaced threaded holes are accessible on the rear panel to fit a range of widely available proprietary wall brackets, such as the B-Tech BT33 model.

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