Neat Motive SX2 compact 2 way floor-standing loudspeaker.

Neat Motive SX2 floor standing 2 way loudspeaker.


What we Say:

The Neat Motive SX2 is a compact 2 way floorstanding loudspeaker. Its slim cabinet dimensions and choice of real wood veneers means it can easily be accomodated in most rooms. It can work close to a wall without resulting in too much bass and is a relatively easy load to drive.

The Neat Motive SX2 offers a big open dynamic sound with deep controlled bass. It partners well with most electronics and is the middle model in the Motive range. Neat Acoustics pride themselves in making speaker design decisions based more around listening that measurement. Bob is a keen musician and has vast experience of both live and recorded music. We think he has done an excellent job with the Motive range and so do our customers who have purchased his designs from us.

As with all Neat speakers, the Motive SX2 are hand-built in the Neat factory in County Durham. They are available in walnut, oak, white satin or black oak.

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What they say:

At only 76cm high, the Motive SX2 is an exceptionally compact floorstander for those who want all the musical performance of a Neat floorstander without taking over the living room.

This loudspeaker uses a two-way configuration, with the bass/midrange driver and the tweeter operating within separate spaces. The bass reflex port is fitted to the bottom panel of the cabinet and is vented through an outlet in the stylishly sculpted MDF plinth.

In spite of the compact dimensions, the Motive SX2 surprises with its astonishing bass and beautifully open mid range.

The tweeter is the new and upgraded unit used throughout the Motive SX range and features a huge screened magnet assembly and a 25mm inverted anodised aluminium dome. This type of tweeter is usually only found in more expensive high-end loudspeakers and is therefore an exceptional inclusion to the Motive SX designs.


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